The Wisconsin Ground Water Association (WGWA) is a non-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to advance the understanding of ground water in Wisconsin.  WGWA has sponsored numerous statewide technical conferences featuring hundreds of speakers from Wisconsin and other states discussing topics of local, regional, and national significance.  Our objectives include promoting an understanding of scientific, technical, legal and public policy aspects of ground water; providing a forum for exchange of information, disseminate information to governments, schools, and civic professional organizations, and educate the general public regarding ground-water resources; and  promote professional awareness and technical skills among ground-water professionals.



  • The WGWA Lecture Series continues with two upcoming luncheons.  Wednesday, Sept 17th, Gerry DeMers and Mike Zillmer of the WDNR Southeast Region will be giving a presentation on the newly adopted guidance for the reduction of groundwater monitoring in Wisconsin landfills (signup sheet).  On Thursday, Nov 6th, Marian Singer and Nicholas Hayes co-founders of Wellntel will be giving a presentation on how the sensor technology they have developed is providing easier and better water supply data to groundwater well owner. Also see our Events Page!
  • WGWA 2014 Fall Field Trip will be held Friday, Oct 3rd.  Given the interest in hydrofracking and Wisconsin's abundant supply of raw materials, the topic of sand mining in Wisconsin has generated interest from regulators, legislators, local governments and the general public. WGWA is excited to be able to focus this year’s Fall Field Trip on the topic of Frac Sand Mining.  Details are being finalized.  Please stay tuned to the WGWA website and save the date!
  • The USEPA has a new requirement that compliance bacteriological samples for total coliform and e. coli bacteria from public water systems be analyzed within 30 hours of sample collection. Please see this file for information regarding the requirement. The deadline for implementation of the 30 hour hold time requirement is October 1, 2012.
  • The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has issued a revision to NR 140, Water Quality Standards.15 new compounds have been added to the list, and revisions have been made to15 existing compounds. The link to the updated standard can be found HERE.


  • The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey has created a database of the porosity and density of Wisconsin aquifers and aquitards using core samples collected from drill holes around the state. We provide high-resolution images of the core taken from different depths and a table listing: formation name, lithology, depth, porosity, and density data for thirty (30) samples from six (6) different locations. Go to: and read from our "Stories from the Field" for more information.


  • The U.S. Geological Survey would like to announce a new Web site that may be of interest to you. They have just finished the most comprehensive Web site about "The Water Cycle" anywhere. It features a wonderful diagram of the natural water cycle and an in-depth discussion of each of the 15 topics on the diagram. And, the diagram is available in over 54 languages! The URL is:


  • For additional information about WGWA, or for general questions about ground water, send a message to one of our experts listed here.


  • Bylaws of the Wisconsin Ground Water Association