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WGWA Officers


The current WGWA Board Members, Committee Chairs, and Area Coordinators include:



President (2018)

Mike Ursin 
TRC Solutions
Phone: 815.275.6478

Secretary (2017-2018)

Mike Dew 
Pace Analytical, LLC
Phone: 414.335.8231 

Treasurer (2018-2019)

Becky Caudill 
Natural Resource Technology, an OBG Company
Phone: 414.837.3580

Past President (2018)

Patrick Hoefle
Phone: 331.315.5671

At-Large Board Members

Don Gallo (2017-2019)
Husch Blackwell
Phone: 414.273.2100

Brian Hennings (2016-2018)
Natural Resource Technology, an OBG Company
Phone: 262.719.4512

Thomas Johnson (2017-2019)
Thomas Johnson Associates
Phone: 510.409.1767

Committee Leaders


Jodie Peotter
Tetra Tech 

Membership Committee

Heather Hallett

Annual Conference Committee

Mike Ursin
Thomas Johnson
Jodie Peotter
Heather Hallett

Education & Field Trip Committee

Lee Trotta (

       Communications & Website

                       Mike Dew
                       Phone: 262.335.8231

               Student Outreach Committe Chair

                       Erin Gross
                       Ayres Associates
                       Phone: 608.443.1249

Ground Water Sand Model Reservations 

Kathi D. Ried, P.G.
135 S. 84th Street, Suite 325
Milwaukee, WI 53214
Phone: 414.847.0464; Fax: 414.454.8818

Lori Rosemore
Ayres Associates
Phone: 715.834.3161; Fax: 715.831.7500