Who We Are


The Wisconsin Ground Water Association (WGWA) is a non-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to advance the understanding of ground water in Wisconsin.

Specific WGWA objectives as stated in our bylaws are:

  • promote an understanding of scientific, technical, legal and public policy aspects of ground water;
  • provide a forum for exchange of information among ground-water professionals and other interested parties on all aspects of ground-water resources;
  • disseminate information to governments, schools, and civic professional organizations, and educate the general public regarding ground-water resources;
  • promote professional awareness and technical skills among ground-water professionals.

WGWA has sponsored numerous statewide technical conferences featuring hundreds of speakers from Wisconsin and other states discussing topics of local, regional, and national significance. In addition to the technical conferences, WGWA holds an Annual State Conference in the Spring.  Plus, local area meetings are held across the state on a periodic basis. Topics of discussion have included ground-water quantity and quality, field sampling techniques, laboratory analytical techniques, hydrogeologic research, regulatory developments, ground-water modeling, litigation support, geophysics, drilling methods, and the economics of ground water.

In addition to providing affordable and worthwhile conferences for our membership, we continue to purchase and donate ground-water sand tank models and geologic maps for various school science programs. In 1998, we donated a ground-water sand tank model to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Science Van Program and donate each year to the Wisconsin Ground Water Guardian program for ground water and energy education.

WGWA members are involved with various WGWA committees and the Board. Several members take part in WDNR focus groups and technical advisory committees as well as providing educational outreach to local schools and community groups. WGWA members receive a quarterly newsletter containing membership information, educational and research articles, and notices of upcoming events.  To join, please fill out a membership form.